Monday, January 5, 2015

New Posting schedule.

With the new year brings new goals.  It's easy to set goals but harder to keep them. 

I would like to post videos on a schedule. So now I will be trying to post certain videos on certain days. 

Sundays 1st & 3rd of the month. Will be Sunday Share. Typically I'll share an album that I have created. It could be another project I made if I haven't made any album recently. 

Mondays 2nd & 4th of the month. Will be mixed media Monday. this is where I will show you how I made a mixed media project. Maybe a tag, a canvas or a page. 

Tuesdays  1st & 3rd of the month. Pinterest Tuesdays. I will show you something I created that I saw on Tuesday. Not only will I show you what I created but I will show you how to create it as well.  

Thursday 1st & 3rd of the month. Will be Tutorial Thursday. This is where I will show you how to make what I showed you on Sunday Share. 

Friday 2nd & 4th. This will be Card Friday. I will make a card and show you how to make one too. 

If you have requests on making something please let me know. I would love to make something for you. 

January - Valentines Day . 
February  -  St. Patrick's day 
March - Easter. 
April - Mothers Day 
May - Fathers Day 
June - Independence Day
July - Back to school. 
August - Labor Day
September - Halloween 
October  -  Thanksgiving
November - Christmas
December- New Years