Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Household Organizer

I bought this chipboard binder at Archivers. I covered it with CTMH paper. I just loved this paper. It's still one of my favorites.
I stamped copy paper cut in half with my initial and used for notes to teachers and anything else I had to keep track of. 

The pockets were made by folding card stock in half. I thought I would keep reciepts in there but they are all still in my purse somewhere. LOL
During the summer we have a lot of sports going on so I had to had a section for our sons baseball games and the REDS!

I just used page protectors to put all my charts/lists in so I wouldn't have to keep punching holes. 

This section is for groceries and meal planning. I would just take my entire binder to the grocery store and voila uncluttered shopping. 

I printed out several blank copies of my typical grocery list so I just had to write down the number of items I needed and crossed it off my list after it was in my cart. I never forgot anything when I used this. 

More places for photos

I created an address book in Excel and used printed multiple copies and put them in the book

I had a section will all the important school info such as bus times, ptc and school functions. I was never surprised at the last minute by the kids forgetting to tell me about something. 

I hand stamped several sheets of copy paper and stuck them in the page protector

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