Monday, May 27, 2013

Smash book/Journal/Mini Album.

I wanted to make a smash book using the copic stich binding but I wanted a place for pictures and pockets as well so I combined a simple hidden hinge binding with the copic stich to make a mini album with smash pages in it.

The album in this video I used the stack the deck binding but the 2nd one I'm working on I used the hidden hinge binding system and it works so much better. 

Here is the video for the first album. I'll post another video on my YouTube channel as soon a the album is completed. 


  1. Cute mini I have never tried the stack the deck method I have only used the hidden hinge system what kind of adhesive do you use on your binding?


  2. I use score tape. Red line tape would also work the same

  3. I was watching the video on the simple stories mini album posted September 3,2013. You used recollections kraft card stock. I was wondering if you could let me know how many pieces of that card stock was used.
    Thanks, Patti T.
    p.s. I absolutely love your